Axie Infinity Scholar Tracker

This tool was made by an Axie Manager to help other Managers monitor their scholar's Daily SLP, ELO/MMR, Battle Logs, Axies and more.

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How to get started?

You need to have a Google/Gmail account to get started. After that you can now start adding your scholar's "public" ronin address.

Why do you need to sign in to track scholars?

We thought about it too. We are also managers and we used different tools to monitor our scholars. We don't want to keep on adding scholars account when accessing on different devices.

Why google/gmail account only?

Because it's the most used email by managers for their scholars account.

Is tracker free to use? is free to use but it is currently limited to 50 accounts. If you find this tool useful, please consider donating:

Is safe to use?

Yes, we will never ask for your wallet "Seed Phrase". By using google/gmail account to authenticate the users, we don't need to maintain user's account profile and password.

Is affiliated to Axie Infinity?

No, this website was made by an Axie Infinity manager for Axie Infinity fans.